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  1. How do I place an order?

You can place the order for the material directly by adding a product to cart and proceeding to checkout.Β 

However, before we confirm your order for paint material, we will book a survey and request a supervisor/surveyor to visit your site. Once he confirms the exact quantities required and specific paint brand, color shade and material with your approval, we will share a final quotation which will include the discount as per current valid rate list.

Once you accept the quotation you will have to pay for material in advance of 100% through our banking channels.

  1. Can I purchase material in stages?

Yes, you can purchase the material in different stages as per your consumption. However, please note that the rates are fluctuating very frequently. So whenever the material is required we will confirm the rates as per brand official rate list and quote you the valid prices as of that date.

  1. Do you offer Per Sq Ft Charges?

Our charges are project based. We don’t offer per sq ft charges.

  1. Will your painters do packing and masking of the furniture?

Yes, our painter will pack and secure your household items before starting paint.

  1. Will your painters clean the area after paint?

Yes, our painters dust & mop the area once they are done with paint application.

  1. Do you have wood polish service?

No, our painters cannot do wood polishing at the moment.

  1. Do you provide textured walls?

Yes, our painters can do textured walls. Based on your requirements, further details can be provided by our partner.

  1. Do you provide deco paint services?

Yes, our painters can do deco paint as well.

  1. Do you have wallpaper pasting service?

No we currently do not have wallpaper application services.

  1. Do you deliver paint in Lahore?

Yes, we are currently operation in Karachi & Lahore both.Β 

  1. What are the Paint Categories?
  • Interior Paints:
  • Most commonly used interior paint type for walls is Plastic Emulsion Paint (Water Based).
    • Finish: Matt Finish & Textured Finish
  • Second type is Semi Plastic Emulsion (Also called Distemper) which is primarily used on ceiling. Most budget friendly option.
    • Finish: Matt Finish
  • Last type is Enamel Paints (Oil Based) which is mainly used on metal surfaces.
  • Finish: Matt Finish & Gloss Finish
  • Exterior Paints:
    • Most preferred exterior paint is weather shield for protection from rain and sun.
    • Customers also prefer Plastic Emulsion/Semi Plastic Emulsion & Enamel Paints on exterior surfaces.
  • Primer/Sealers
    • Primers & Sealers are used as under coating materials before application of paint to ensure good adhesion of paint.
  • Putty
    • Putty is used for surface preparation and crack filling.
  • Wood Care
    • Wood care category includes Thinners & Lacquer for wood polishing & Varnish for color mixing.
  1. What are your delivery charges?

Order Amount up to Rs. 25,000 = Delivery Charges Rs. 350

Order Amount above Rs. 25,000 and up to 100,000 = Delivery Charges Rs. 750

Order Amount Above Rs. 100,000 = Delivery Charges Rs. 1250

  1. From where do you source the material?

Our materials are sourced from manufacturing brand's authorized distributors only.

  1. Do you provide guarantee of authenticity of material?

Yes, all our materials are authentic and guarantee is provided by our distributors for the same.Β 

  1. What are your payment terms for paint material?

All orders have to be paid in Advance. Once the payment is confirmed delivery will be arranged the same day.

Option 1: IBFT

Option 2: COD (Maximum cash limit of Rs. 25,000 per order)

Payment receipt can be shared by customer on our WhatsApp number 0311-1143577 or at

All payments are to be made directly to Helpp staff or Helpp official banking channels. No verification can be provided for payments that are given to painters directly.

  1. Bank Details:


Bank: HBL

Branch: Bahadurabad

Account Number: 24627000187903

IBAN: PK43HABB0024627000187903

  1. What are your delivery timings:

All material orders are processed within 24-48 hours of payment confirmation.

Please note certain special paint materials require extra processing time as they are arranged from the manufacturers across Pakistan.

  1. Do you have Shade Cards available?

Request for specific Shade cards can be made to painters themselves when they are at your site and they can arrange them.

Also, if you can share your specific brand and paint type to our Contact Centre at the time of order placement, then our partner will arrange the shade card before visiting your site.

*Pls note additional charges of tinting will be applicable based on the specific colors selected from shade card.

  1. Do you provide Returns/Refunds/Exchanges for paint materials?

All paint boxes that are unopened and unused can be returned for a refund or exchange*.


If a customer selects a specific color shade, that particular paint is not eligible for a refund or exchange.


Customer has to place the refund/exchange request on our CC helpline. Once the return is confirmed by Helpp staff, one of our Partner will come and collect the paint material.

If a customer requests a refund, then refund will be transferred to their bank account in 2 business days.

If an exchange is required, the exchange will be delivered in 24 hours free of charge.