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Site Visit (Survey)

Original price Rs.500.00 - Original price Rs.500.00
Original price Rs.500.00
Rs.350.00 - Rs.350.00
Current price Rs.350.00

Please select your desired timeslot and our customer care representative will call you for address and timeslot confirmation. 

You can also get in touch on our helpline at +92-021-38343577. 

We provide site visits for paint applications and material requirements. Our in-house site supervisor will inspect your home and measure all the walls end-to-end in order to calculate the estimate for labor charges and materials.

Helpp is also an official distributor of leading paint brands both local & international. For all your material requirements our supervisor will assist you in the selection and delivery of your selected paint brand to your doorstep. 

How your home will be repainted?

Step 1: Packaging and masking - We start our paint job by covering the floor and anything you store in the center of the rooms with a plastic sheet or newspaper. We recommend using masking tape to mask off your moldings, windows, doors, switchboards, etc.

Step 2: Scrape Old Paint - As part of your remodeling job requirement, we completely scrape the old paint and prepare the walls for repair and treatment (as needed).

Step 3: Wall Repair & Treatment - To ensure the smooth surface of paint we repair and fix every dent, chip, seepage, or crack over the wall and ceiling with POP (Plaster of Paris), Wall Putty, Gypsum Compounds, Chemicals, etc.

Step 4: Preparing the surface -  We use fine-grit sandpaper and go over the walls lightly in a circular motion to even the surface and remove any residual particles.

Step 5: Primer Coat - This creates a smooth base for the final paint color and also improves paint adhesion, resulting in reduced blisters and peeling.

Step 6: Paint Top Coat (2-3 Coats) -  Depending on the requirement, we apply 2 to 3 coats of paint. We wait for the first coat of paint to dry completely before the application of the second and respective coats. 

Step 7: Post Job Clean Up - After the client’s satisfaction, we start the cleaning process. We remove all masking tape and gather plastic sheets. Making sure any spills or splatters are dry before we move them. And finally, we put everything back in the room in their place.